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6 Monate 3 Wochen her #13009 von teddy
Report on today's version wurde erstellt von teddy
Hi, first of all thank you diddi and JSM team, I'm testing now (and maybe completing soon italian translation) and seeing substantial improvements! I'm on today's version (23-3-18, h 13:00), standard Joomla 3.8.6 and php 5.6 on my localhost, default template and nothing else.
I've created a simple league with 2 teams (I've input only 2 players on team 1, and also set them on starting lineups for matches) and 2 matchdays with results, also created some events for the 2 players. I didn't touch in any way frontend templates or any view.
I've noticed some issues, please confirm if you can, if you do I can open new bugs on github!

A) on view: "All rounds in the project", data is shown correctly (results, lineup, events...) but there are some glitches, see
- an error: "You have no authorization for external database access", and use external db is set on menu item to NO
that "Relay ID []" is visible on all pages, I don't know where does it come from
- regarding missing images, I've seen on /images/com_sportsmanagement/database/events/soccer there are only change.png, foul, in and out.png
maybe it's a problem of my installation (even if I just reinstalled the package), please check

B) there's some inconsistency with results and data:
- on league's table view is all perfect, as you can see on
both teams show 2 matches played and all data reflects what's set in administration, the same data shows up on matrix view, teamstats, rivals view, resultsranking, results pages, on the "All rounds in the project" view, and on one player's view
- on the other player's view, which is set exactly the same as the other, all the games' data has disappeared
so all goals, cards, injuries just don't show up. The same happens on roster view, player "caio"'s data is not fully shown for some reason:

- on team info view of the first team (the one with players), it looks like only one match has been played:
Same happens for the second team.

- on teamplan view (or team schedule) of the second team only this: "No games are added". The first team's teamplan is correct.

- on clubplan view, only the first match is shown

- fever chart, whatever team I select, doesn't show anything, maybe it depends on flash issues? (not seeing any browser notice)

c) If I try to export my league, selecting it and hitting export button, nothing happens

D) a request: please introduce a way not to require an event's time when you edit match events, backend or frontend (it could happen you only know the amount of goals, cards and not their actual time)

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6 Monate 3 Wochen her #13011 von ghin

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6 Monate 2 Wochen her #13019 von teddy
Hi, I've just emptied JSM tables, uninstalled and reinstalled JSM last version from github
Regarding all the supposed bugs, I've noticed they are all still there, please tell me (diddi?) if you want them added on github
Regading d) it doesn't work for exporting leagues, but exporting projects works, so I've attached mine here.
I've also noticed now I can't add events from backend (and they are assigned to positions on league...) on matches, they don't show up when I select the team on the add events modal.
I'd like to test the frontend editing, can anyone tell me how to activate it? I'm logged in on frontend as super user, but there's no icon suggesting where to edit info...

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6 Monate 2 Wochen her - 6 Monate 2 Wochen her #13022 von #1-stony
Hello @teddy!
  • Many approaches in the configuration of the project are not correct or have been misinterpreted.

  • The date in the project settings and games should not be in the future, otherwise the output will return incorrect numbers.

  • Switching off the addressed relay ID takes place in the template overall (page elements).

  • The result input in the frontend is made as the user who was defined as editor in the project. Log in and go to the result page of the project! A small icon allows you to enter results when clicked.

I imported your project into my test page.
The results can you see:

Teddy's testleague
Roster - club test 1

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6 Monate 1 Woche her #13024 von teddy
Stony, vielen Dank! Du bist unglaublich!
Ok about the date, but what do you mean when you say I took many wrong approaches, there are other things you can tell me in order to improve?
I'll try to apply your suggestions on a new test project!

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6 Monate 2 Wochen her #13025 von diddipoeler
@teddy: Bist Du derjenige, der das hier gepostet hat:

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